New Student Special

Introductory Special: 10 Days for $10

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Try as many classes as possible over the ten day life of this introductory pass* and find the times that work best with your schedule. This offer is for Brand-New Students** only. One per person. Purchase only available at the studio on the occasion of your first visit.

* "Ten day life of this introductory pass" refers to the ten consecutive days from date of purchase. All SHPY class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

**"Brand-New Student" refers only to those individuals attending a regular pay class at South Hills Power Yoga for the very first time. This offer is also available to those who have only attended workshops and/or pay-what-you-can classes but have never attended a regular pay class.

What to bring to practice: 

Water bottle, towel* & yoga mat. *(Bringing both a hand towel and a mat towel is recommended.)

Other Helpful Info:

A limited number of mats will be available for a $2 rental fee. 

Please wear comfortable athletic clothes that move with your body. (Keep in mind that many of our classes are held in a warm room.) 

All practitioners will be asked to sign a waiver on their first visit. 

Unless otherwise stated, practitioners must be 16 years of age or older. A guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18.

Bring your reusable water bottle and fill it using our Quench water system. (Please Note: We do not sell bottled water.)

Doors open 15-30 minutes prior to class start. 

Avoid eating a large meal two hours before class. Drink plenty of water. 

Arrive a few minutes early. No late entry will be permitted.

Feel free to drop into any class. No preregistration is required. 

Yoga Etiquette... What is it?

The following is meant to provide guidance for those new to yoga and to serve as a friendly reminder to the rest of us! 

Class Etiquette: The (Semi) Unspoken Rules of Yoga

Arrive early
Tardiness to yoga class is disruptive and disrespectful to the teacher and other students. To avoid being late, aim to arrive 15 minutes before class is scheduled to start; this gives you time to relax, breathe, and settle in. 

Turn off your cell
Make a habit of doing this before you step foot into the yoga studio; nothing is more grating then the sound of a ringing cell phone during practice. (And few things are as embarrassing as scrambling to silence your phone in the middle of class!)

Remove your shoes
The studio stays most hygienic if everyone leaves their shoes (yes, even flip-flops) outside the classroom. And pay attention where you’re walking barefoot—it’s a major no-no to tread on other students’ mats.

Talk to the teacher
If you have any injuries (past or current) or concerns, talk to the teacher before class. This way, the teacher can recommend variations on certain poses during practice to allow you to reap the benefits without unnecessary strain. Speak up if something doesn’t feel right, but don’t “hog” the teacher during class; if you have lots of concerns, consider scheduling a private session.

Relish the quiet
A yoga classroom is like a sanctuary—people come here to relax and find peace. Honor this by observing as much quiet as possible: Try not to make distracting sounds (ie, overzealous grunts and groans), and save any loud chit-chat for after class or the lobby area and avoid the gossip. 

Consider hygiene
Sweat is good—it’s a sign you’re working hard, and a healthy way to cleanse the body of toxins. However, if you’re prone to heavy perspiration, bring a towel to class to mop your brow (so you don’t drip on your neighbor’s mat) and wipe up any excess sweat on or around your mat after class.

Skip the scents
Many people have sensitivities to perfumes and scented body lotions; help us keep our studio fragrance-free by avoiding applying any aromatic products before class. If you’re concerned about stink, shower before class and use unscented deodorant.

Keep your belongings outside class
Floorspace in a classroom can be limited, so keep your “footprint” small. Limit the belongings near your mat to the bare essentials: a water bottle, towel, and maybe an additional layer for the relaxation period at the end of class. Leave your coat, purse, keys, cell phone (turned off, of course), duffel bag, and whatever else in the designated area outside the classroom.

Wear appropriate clothing
Select clothing based on what type of yoga you’ll be doing, the temperature of the room, and what will be most comfortable for the duration of class. Avoid clothing that is too baggy and loose (which can get in your way during certain poses) as well as clothing that is too tight or revealing—no one wants to witness a “wardrobe malfunction” during class!

Excuse yourself quietly
If you must use the restroom during class, it’s most polite to wait until a short period of rest like child’s pose or between asanas. Excuse yourself quietly, trying not to distract other students.

Stay ‘til the end
We ask that you stay for savasana. Savasana is a delicious period of relaxation at the end of each yoga class. If you roll up your mat and dash out the door during this quiet time, you’re not only annoying your fellow students, you’re missing out on what is arguably the most essential part of the practice. Forget about the to-do list that awaits you after class, and allow yourself to really sink in to this incredibly restoring pose. Breathe and remind yourself this is why you’re here. You’ll be glad you did!

(The above was taken (in part) from Yoga Journal and the yenyoga blog.)