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40 Days Blog: Start where you are–– right now, this minute–– and move from there.

I left after a LONG day at work, looking at more work to do once I was home. How was I going to fit in a yoga practice? Maybe Monday should be my rest day? Maybe I could just skip? I mean I'm sick after all. No one would fault me. 

I checked my email after dinner and saw "Start where you are–– right now, this minute–– and move from there." So I did. I didn't have the energy for any thing that resembled a power yoga practice so I did a 20 minute restorative one. Still took me about 15 minutes from rolling out my mat, to actually getting on it, but I completed Day 2. Now meditation before bed. 


Full disclosure... I fell asleep before I meditated last night. 

I almost dropped out of the 40 days because of all that has gone on in my life the past two weeks.  I decided to stick it out, even if I can't complete it to "perfection."  In staying with it, I'm leaving my comfort zone.  In some ways I'm very type A: Do everything exactly how it's expected.  Check things off the list. Work harder to get better results. Go Big or Go Home.  In spite of the chaos happening in my life, I decided to stay in 40 days.  To see where this leads me.  To be gentler and more forgiving with myself when I don't do everything "perfectly."  To just try to do the best that I can everyday.  Some days that's going to be less, or more, than I think can do.  And some days it's going to look different what I expect I "should" be doing.  

~Michelle McSwigan
SHPY 40 Days Participant - Winter 2016