2016 TT Community Classes

FREE June & July 2016 Community Classes
Taught by the SHPY 2016 200-Hour Teacher Training Participants!

Join these incredible yoga teachers-in-training as they fulfill one of their final certification requirements.  (Each class will be non-heated, but warm. Classes held at SHPY - Dormont.)

Community Class Schedule:

Monday, June 13:
8:45PM w/ Francisca Sureda-Truyols

Wednesday, June 15:
8:45PM w/ Autumn Besselman

Thursday, June 16:
8:45PM w/Brandi Phillips

Friday, June 17: 
7:30PM w/ Addison Marry

Saturday, June 18:
2PM w/ Elizabeth Small
7PM w/ Christine McGee

Sunday, June 19:
Noon w/ Juliana Guenther
2:30PM w/ Michael Harrington

Monday, June 20:
8:45PM w/ John-Paul Henry

Wednesday, June 22:
8:45PM w/ Beth Christiano Owens

Thursday, June 23:
8:45PM w/ Jason Navoyski

Sunday, July 3:
Noon w/ Jennifer Nolan-Kremm
2:30PM w/ Erica McStay

Wednesday, July 6: 
8:45PM w/ Colleen Geiger

Thursday, July 7: 
8:45PM w/ Molly Pisula

Tuesday, July 12: (Date has been changed from original posting.) 
8:45PM w/ Miranda Knee

Wednesday, July 13:
8:45PM w/ Bethany Melvin

Thursday, July 14:
8:45PM w/ Barbara Garcia-Bernardo